What to wear, bring, do...

  • You will want to wear tighter fitting clothing that you can move in. We have mats and everything that you need in the studio. We even have reverse osmosis filtered water, so just bring yourself!

  • We don't have a shower or locker room, but you can keep your things safe in the room or in the cubbies by the door. We have a large bathroom with room to change clothes.

  • Come to class on time. Because the very first thing we do in class is shut out the world and calm our nervous system, students who are late won't be allowed into class. We lock the door at the start of class.

  • Classes are quiet in order to respect your fellow students in the class, who are typically concentrating on cues, listening to their bodies and trying to find some peace. What makes Shine so special is that you have the opportunity to really listen to yourself and your body while in class, enjoy it.

  • Workshops and private and semi private sessions give you the opportunity to have a dialogue with the teacher and she is always available for questions before or after class.

  • We believe in community-building at Shine! Make friends with lovely people in your class, see friends at Shine events, come in a little before class and talk. Class is quiet, but the studio space isn't.

  • Please note that like most studios we are open 15 minutes before and 15 minutes after each class. Because our hours run from 6:15 am-9:15 pm and we are open seven days a week, it’s difficult to keep a studio open during regular business hours. If you have a question outside of that time, please e-mail Sara, the studio owner at sara@shineyogawny.com

Which class to choose

Classes are focused on helping you to improve your practice, increase flexibility, and strength while giving you a safe space to be you. That being said, if you are a brand-new beginner, you might want to try yoga basics first to get a solid background, and you might want to avoid Power yoga, which is fast paced. If you have some experience and are willing to modify your poses to suit your body's needs, we welcome you in all our classes. Our teachers are trained to teach people at all levels.

One of the most important things I've learned about yoga is that the level of effort in any yoga class is dependent on the individual. I've been in high-intensity vinyasa classes where I've barely broken a sweat and I've been in gentle classes where I was really present and felt every muscle working.

Our job as yoga teachers is to create a class that works for everyone, finding the very different things that are challenging for each person in the class and providing the support and tools they need to succeed that day. Because different amounts and types of movement appeal to different people we provide a full menu of yoga styles. Our hope is that eventually you will try them all and begin to combine different types of classes each week. If a class doesn't work for you, we encourage you to try a different one. Our one time intro special--$35 for 14 consecutive days allows new students to explore lots of different styles and teachers.

When you arrive

Arrive a bit early for your first class. On your first visit, we will have a brief waiver for you to fill out,  take care of payment and answer any questions you might have about class or the studio. We will take you into the studio space, and get you set up for class. 

Please let us know if you have any injuries, conditions,  or illnesses so that we can help you get into poses that support you during the class.

As people come in, we ask that you sign in and take your shoes off. 

The space is not silent until class starts.

Have questions?

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