200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Program

Do you want to change your life and the lives of the people around you?

Become a Yoga Teacher.

Maybe you just want to go deeper, learn more about yoga, and improve your own practice.

Take our training.

What to expect
You will finish the 200 hour training able to teach a class anywhere.
You will have a deep understanding of the body mechanics that make up a pose and how to put poses together in a sequence to support strength, flexibility, breath, alignment, stress reduction, health benefits and deeper meaning.
You will come away able to teach yoga to people at all levels, all abilities,  and all body types. You will learn yoga philosophy and Sanskrit and will build a daily practice for yourself, using your own body and experiences to become a better teacher.
We will also use our amazing studio and teachers as a laboratory, learning how teachers with different styles find and produce their authentic voice in a class. How different types of cuing are effective, what different types of students want out of a class.

What else will you gain?
You will create a lasting bond with the people you train with. 
You will have mentors over your teaching career.
You will learn to pay attention to your own body and to communicate better with other people.
You will learn yoga postures, meditation, and breathing techniques
You will learn to go deeper into your life and how to guide people beyond body awareness into energy, stillness, safety, balance, anything you can imagine.

What makes us unique?
We are a studio that provides a wide variety of types of yoga that are unified by the belief that it is the yoga teacher and studio's job to help people feel safe and supported. It is the teacher's job to help people achieve things they never thought they could, and to brighten their lives. We will teach you how to help people ( and yourself) reach whatever their goals are through specific, body mechanics that allows people to do yoga they thought wasn't possible for them. We will also teach you how to inspire them.

We are a studio with a strong, welcoming community. The yoga teacher training will be the same. We are all vulnerable--that's our strength. 

We have a wide variety of teachers with expertise outside of yoga. Our yogic philosophy sessions will be taught by a philosophy professor. Our trauma informed yoga and yoga for anxiety will be taught by licensed mental health clinicians. Our prenatal portion will be taught by a doula. Our Sanskrit will be taught by a teacher who studied at a Sanskrit school in Arizona. Our bench is deep.

We will meet: Below is an example of the schedule. We are looking at holding our next training beginning in April 2020 and providing a more intensive onsite study period over the summer so that students will be able to complete teacher training by September.
The second Friday, Saturday and Sunday of each month, January through June.
Fridays we will meet from 7-9 pm
Saturdays we will meet from noon-8 pm
Sundays we will meet from noon-8pm

We will also meet every Tuesday beginning on January 15th and ending on June 4th from 7-9 pm.

Additional Expectations
We expect that you will participate in a minimum of 11 studio classes per month. Unlimited yoga is included in the tuition. We require that you take one specific class per month. We will discuss the class with the teacher after the class and discuss as a group at the beginning of our meeting on Tuesday. The required classes will reinforce the learning focus that month.

We will also require that you do a home practice for 20 minutes each day and journal about it. We will offer guidance for your home practice.

You will practice teaching at the studio in small groups

You will be required to attend all Friday, Sat, Sun and Tues sessions on the schedule in order to be certified.

You will have an extensive training manual which you will be required to read along with several additional books. 

Includes manual and unlimited yoga at Shine
Payment Plans available
$500 deposit required at sign up


Documents from Previous Training. Update coming soon.