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Chakra Series

Awaken and clear your bodies 7 energetic centers, known as your Chakras or “Circles”, in Sanskrit.

When our Chakras are clear, energy flows freely through our emotional and physical bodies. This is a vital part of our innate well being. If this flow becomes blocked, wether partially or completely, illness and imbalance develop, on ones physical, mental and spiritual levels. Therefore it is crucial to develop awareness of your Chakras and regularly practice techniques to keep them awake, aligned and clear! 

In this 3 part workshop we will experience and explore practices to help you support and maintain balance of your Chakras such as, but not limited to:

Mudras ( Hand “Gesture”/ “Seal”)
Chanting / Mantras
Asana (“Seat”/ “Posture “)
Pranayama (“Breath restriction” or breath work)
Color association
Forward projection

Potential characteristics to develop with consistent practice (not limited too):
Enhance your intuition
Re-learn your Inner Truth
Cultivate deep:
Awareness of Infinite
Awareness of Self
Communication / Inner and outer 
Mind Body Spirit connection
Ability to forgive
Gratitude for All that Is 
What can open up for you is endless!!

First Sunday 2/17 in February- We will explore the “Lower Triangle “ - The first 3 Chakras :
Root Center
Sacral Center 
Solar Plexus Center 

Second Sunday 2/24- “ Upper Triangle” , higher Centers:
Heart Center
Throat Center
Third Eye Center
Crown Center

Third Sunday 3/3- Full Integration

Each workshop is 2 hours. Structure will be loosely divided between theory and practice for the first two sessions (more practice). The third session will be a total exploration of combination of techniques. 

Suitable for all levels!
All 3 sessions are highly recommended but not required, including the 3rd. These practices are not progressive, but rather used to deepen your connection to mind body spirit. Any deeper knowledge or understanding will always enhance your life!

Jessica will be leading this workshop.

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