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Spring Jumpstart at Shine

Our seasonal Jumpstarts are designed to help you clean out your body and your life. We give you tools to help you feel better, be healthier, and decide what you want your life to look like for the next three months. The rest is up to you.

Our spring Jumpstart is especially focused on getting clean. We offer an Ayurvedic detox to help you start eliminating the bad stuff and eating an anti-inflammatory diet. We encourage you to increase physical activity which helps you to stick with your diet; and we give you guidance for an external cleanse too--cleaning and beauty product shifts and tips for getting your house and your schedule in order. Rest is an important part of every jumpstart. Finding a way to put a pause on stress.

For this Jumpstart you must sign up for the program.

There is no cost besides the regular cost of classes. Twenty percent (20%) off April workshops will be given only to people who sign up.

Here's the plan--

Week 1: April 2-8th. Learning and Planning
-Read the manual. Plan. Learn about Ayurvedics, make your own schedule, start bullet journaling. Find some outdoor activities that are going on this month and put them in your schedule. Begin to schedule your daily yoga practice. Either in the studio or 20 minutes at home.
-Attend Anti-Stress Practical on April 7th for 20% off the regular price. Attend planning talk on Monday, April 2nd at 8:15--free. Planning talk will go over expectations of jumpstart participation, components of the manual, upcoming activities, and help you determine your Ayurvedic dosha.
-Dig in. Maybe buy a brand new journal, maybe just answer some of the self reflection questions. Use your insight into your life to make a plan for this week and the next three months. 

Week 2: April 9th-15th Increase movement
-Go outside, try something new. Play.
-30 days of yoga tracking begins this week--you can add your name to the white boards and begin to check off your name. You are welcome to double up on classes and practice at home to meet your 30 day goal. But, this is your month and the biggest changes will happen for you if you make it to a yoga class every day for 30 days. Transformation! 
-We will offer a home practice class during Playtime yoga on April 6th at 4:30pm, so you have some ideas for your 20 minute home practice if you can't make it to class.
-To prepare, come to our free Yoga Clothes exchange April 7th at 11:45pm ( right after class). So you have new to you close to help inspire you and you get to spring clean your closet a little.
-This week also start including the daily eats in your diet.

Week 3: April 16th-April 22nd Get clean inside and out
-The detox starts this week. You will receive a special menu, recipes, and a shopping list prior to this week. Detox teas will be included. Please check with your doctor if you have any medical conditions or are taking medications that might not work with some of the ingredients in the teas.
-Continued yoga will help you stick with the diet.
-Also use this week to start spring cleaning your house and your beauty products. We will give you little challenges all week.
-To prepare, attend a workshop on how to make home cleaning products using essential oils on April 13th from 7-9. The workshop will include making a product to bring home. You will receive 20% off the workshop as a participant.
-To prepare, join Beth on the 14th at 11:45pm ( after class) for a discussion on clean beauty products--free. Bring your recommendations

Week 4: April 23-29th Rest
-This week we will focus on learning to create daily rituals, use meditation techniques, breath and postures to help the body and mind rest. 
-To prepare, attend Sara's meditation techniques workshop on April 21st from 12-2:30pm. 20% off for Jumpstart participants.
-This week we will move off of the Ayurvedic detox, but continue to eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Recipes provided.

Week 5: Live it!
-Put it all together. Eat, move, rest, celebrate with your community!
-The 30 day jumpstart will end this week and we will hold a celebration for everyone who completes the program. Prizes will be given out along with a grand prize--6 months of unlimited yoga. 
-Celebration will be held May 11th from 7-9pm so completes can catch up if you start a little late.



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