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Revitalizing Intuition, Strength, and Embodiment. A women's leadership program. 

Have you found yourself standing still in your kitchen, or bathroom, sitting in a parking lot, just wishing you could restart, revitalize? We are running on empty. It’s tough being a woman in our world right now. Lots of us have too many responsibilities, too little sleep, and lots of worry. But underneath all the busyness of our lives is something very sacred. This fall, we invite you to find it. We are holding a retreat specifically for women that fits into your schedule and your lives, but promises to help you fill up and find your power.

We call  it RISE, because it is active, it is collaborative, it is empowering, and it is ongoing. Our hope is that this retreat will give you a safe place to start from, a sense of grounding, so that you can rise and lift the other retreat participants and women in your life. Shine teacher Beth and studio owner Sara have designed a program that emphasizes revitalization through the lens of intuition, strength and embodiment.

Through activities and discussion we will look at ways to help you feel more grounded and in control and we will take a long look at what makes us loose control. What makes us give up, self medicate, feel bad about ourselves. What do we hide from and why? And most important how do we heal, how do we change? Through RISE, we will build a community to support one another and ourselves. This fall we will have the benefit of our previous class of RISE sisters who will act as mentors for new sisters throughout the program.

RISE is a program that begins with 16 hours (spread across two months) of retreat. That time will be spent in reflection, lecture, yoga, activities, and discussion in order to examine what holds us back and provide tools to help us fill up. Once you have completed the retreat you will be a member of the second generation of The RISE sisterhood at Shine. The RISE sisterhood will meet regularly throughout the year for specialized workshops, conversations and celebrations. This is deep work; deep listening; deep learning, but we think the result will be a group of women who have tapped into what is vital in them—the tremendous gift that they are to themselves, to each other, and to the world. As a RISE member, you will have the opportunity to help shape workshops, talks and events at Shine, you will be a leader in our community. Cost of the program with membership, manual, and a self care kit is $500. If finances keep you from participating please get in touch with us. We offer payment plans and partial payment for those who need financial help. Every applicant must submit an essay or artworks based on what the pillars of RISE (Revitalizing Intuition Strength and Embodiment) means to them.

The retreat schedule is as follows:
Saturday, October 13th, 12:30-4:30pm
Opening ceremony
Intentions and Pillars
Yoga class

Sunday, October 14th, 12:30-4:30pm
Intention Writing

Tuesday, October 16th, 7-9pm
Body objectification lecture and discussion, lead by Danielle Vallas
Me too movement

Tuesday, October 30th, 7-9pm

Tuesday November 6th, 7-9 pm

Saturday November 10th 12:30-4:30pm

Sunday, November 11th, 12:30-2:30
Closing ceremony

Later Event: February 5
Shine Teacher Mix-up Week