Photo by Ryan McVay/Photodisc / Getty Images
Photo by Ryan McVay/Photodisc / Getty Images


$60/private or therapeutic session

$200/ 4 therapeutic sessions

$85/ semi private session with up to 4 people

$150/ 2 hour party or event at the studio







Private and Semi Private sessions

The focus of the session will be driven by your need and will include adjustments and modifications to poses that you can use in classes and daily practice, tips to use in your daily life to improve misalignment and change bad habits, and a written daily practice designed specifically for you. 

Great for people who need more one-on-one attention and adjustments, who don't feel comfortable in or can't fit a class into their schedule, or who are new to yoga and want to make sure they do it right. Also great for athletes and yogis who want to improve their performance.

Use the beginner's special, save $5 off your first private session and get a free class. 


Sara's expertise and passion is in therapeutic, alignment based yoga that helps people recover from injuries, surgery or illness. Private therapeutic yoga sessions are a wonderful tool for improving flexibility and strength exactly where and how you need it, so you can't back to your life.

Both private and therapeutic sessions include an individualized take home practice for each session.