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$60/ single private session with Sara

$200/ 4 private sessions with Sara








Private Sessions

The focus of one-on-one sessions is driven by your need and includes adjustments and modifications to poses that you can use in classes and daily practice, tips to use in your daily life to improve misalignment and change bad habits, and a written daily practice designed specifically for you.

Great for students who are new to yoga and want to be sure they have an understanding of the basic postures and alignment; for students who are having trouble with a specific pose, whether advanced or basic; and for people who have unusual schedules and aren't able to fit Shine classes into their schedule

Therapeutic Yoga

Sara, the owner of Shine Yoga, originally planned to make Shine a therapeutic studio, addressing people's injuries, surgeries and illnesses through yoga. Yoga was what healed her after aggressive breast cancer treatment. It is still her expertise and passion.  Private therapeutic yoga sessions are a wonderful tool for improving flexibility and strength exactly where and how you need it, so you can get back to your life.

Both private and therapeutic sessions include an individualized take home practice for each session and recommendations for yoga classes and ancillary services that will help your body feel better.