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Our Philosophy


At Shine, all yoga is good yoga. We don't want your yoga practice to be about nailing the latest acrobatic pose--though we can get you there safely! Shine is about giving you a place you can challenge or be gentle with yourself (sometimes both within the same hour), a place where you can heal and strengthen, and make friends; it's about communicating with your body, and feeling good again.

Our eleven teachers, have been trained by different yoga schools, and have practiced different styles over the years that influence their approach to teaching. Why have we all come together at Shine? Because for each of us at some point in our lives, our yoga has been the tool that helped us overcome the bumps of life, helped us find joy, courage, community; helped us heal, and helped us to respect and make friends with our bodies again.

We want to give you that, we want to give you that shimmering, shiny feeling that people often feel after an amazing yoga class. But, we recognize that everyone is different and everyone comes to yoga for different reasons, that's certainly been the case for us. So we thought about what people need who walk through our doors. This is what we decided on: Move, Learn, Restore, Connect. Often a class will overlap all 4 of those elements, but everything we offer falls into at least one of them.