Paige Hurley


Paige has always wanted to be a teacher. She loves connecting with people and finding ways to support them and help them grow.  It’s one of the things that define her as a yoga teacher. She studied to be a math teacher, but it wasn’t until she started taking Power Yoga classes that she found her path. The first time Paige went to a Baptiste “Power Yoga” class she fell in love. So much of it was new to her and she was nervous, but she felt that the environment matched her personality perfectly. “I loved the music, the heat, the pace, and how connected everyone was. I knew in my heart this was where I was meant to be.”  While Power Yoga is the most challenging yoga class we provide at Shine, Paige makes them accessible to anyone who is willing to try something new. “We are all vulnerable in this room” she says and Shine students love that she is there to help them take a leap and do something they didn’t think they were capable of.