Jumping in

This summer has been such an exciting one for me. In July I was teaching a few yoga classes here and there, by August I had started teaching nearly everyday and was getting calls for more.

I taught stressed out parents and teachers at a preschool, NFL veterans and their families, kids, people with every kind of injury, runners looking for more flexibility, people with cancer and their caretakers, seniors, people with insomnia and stress, and people who wanted to take time to themselves. I found that what I loved the most was how much my classes helped all of these people. Big and small, old and young, emotionally or physically hurt or strong, yoga became a solution. 

Now I'm taking the leap, I'm moving into a studio October 5th as my home base to offer my kind of yoga on a regular basis, to everyone who walks through the door. It will be such a pleasure to work with you. We will have fun, find peace, learn how our bodies work. Find our courage and our softness. 

I can't wait to take the jump with you!

The October Schedule is a shot in the dark, please vote with your feet if the date and time is good for you and comment here to let me know if there are other times that would work best for you.



Sara SzeglowskiComment