Leigh Duffy, RYT200

Leigh first came to yoga because she hated any other type of physical exercise she tried! But, what at first seemed like an easy way to get in shape, quickly became a way of life. As the physical practice developed, the mental practice followed, and Leigh realized that yoga was as vital to her mental health as it had become to her physical health.

In studying the eight limbs of yoga while becoming certified to teach, Leigh realized that there was one other aspect of yoga that would complete the picture of yoga as her way of life: philosophy. Leigh is a professional philosopher at Buffalo State College. She has published articles on yoga philosophy and teaches a college class on yoga and philosophy. Incorporating the yoga philosophy in her college classroom was a natural building block to incorporating more philosophy in her yoga classes on the mat. 

You can expect to find lots of physical movement in Leigh's classes. Consistent with what first drew her to the practice, Leigh's classes will help a practitioner use the practice to get in shape or build more strength. Yogis will move, sweat, work hard, but have fun in doing so. Expect to hear some philosophy in any given class and to meditate at the end of practice in order to experience the complete picture of yoga that Leigh has found to be so essential in building her own practice.