Lauren Leadbetter Daley

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Lauren first found her way to yoga 15 years ago, trying her first class because, “Yoga people seemed cool” and she wanted to be cool too. It turns out, Yoga also feels amazing, so she kept with it. After a short time of practice, she began to see subtle and then dramatic emotional and mental benefits that she had not expected. This is when she truly fell in love with the practice. Throughout her life and practice since then, she has found Yoga to be a grounding foundation of support - in times of hardship and in times of great joy!

Also a NYS Licensed Massage Therapist, Lauren has a private Massage Therapy practice located in East Aurora, NY. After a particularly challenging session with a client suffering from anxiety, Lauren saw clearly that she needed to offer her clients techniques they could access at any time, on their own, in between their massage sessions, in order to help them manage their own various emotional and physical discomforts, while providing them with tools to encourage improved daily well being. It was at this time that she enrolled in the 200hr teacher training at the Himalayan Institute, which she completed in May 2015.

The Himalayan approach to yoga directs the student down a path of self discovery, incorporating mind; body; and breath awareness techniques through instruction and refinement of Yoga postures and meditation, in order to equip you with the skills to live a healthy lifestyle – physically; mentally and emotionally.

Lauren loves to share Yoga with others! She truly believes, however you find your way to Yoga - is the right way, at the right time for you. Sat Nam!! (Truth is my identity)