Q: It's my first class, what should I do? 

A: Please arrive 15 minutes early for your first class to complete a simple waiver and get a quick introduction.  Wear workout clothing that is comfortable to move in and a little tight, so you can see your muscles working.

 Q: Can I really go to any class? What if I'm a beginner? What if I'm advanced or very athletic?

A: Yep, students with all-levels of experience, fitness, and flexibility are welcome in all Shine classes. While Vinyasa classes take a bit more energy and beginner/gentle classes are a little slower, accommodations will be made for those who need extra guidance and those who want more of a challenge. As described in "What to Expect" all students benefit from an all-levels class. It encourages people to challenge themselves up to their edge and strips asanas (postures) down to the anatomical level, allowing everyone in the room to discover something new in the posture and their body. The exception is Power yoga which is not designed for beginners.

Q: I'm recovering from surgery or have a chronic injury or illness. Will I be able to do yoga?

A: Because my focus is on making people feel better through yoga, many people in my classes are nursing injuries, recovering from surgeries, or trying to deal with the constant pain and limitation of an injury. Because of my own surgeries and illness I know what you are dealing with and have an idea of what you want your body to do. I am also working towards my 500 hour certification from Yoga Medicine. I'm trained in degenerations and how to isolate and support specific muscles in order to improve daily function and reduce pain. If you are nervous about coming directly to a class, I offer individual sessions, and have a beginner's special

Q: How do I schedule a class?

A: Click the schedule link to create an account where you can purchase and book classes online.  






Q: What do you mean by therapeutic yoga?

A: Today, there are so many different types of yoga being taught in the US that it can be very confusing. All yoga comes from the same roots, but what appeals to different teachers and students about yoga varies widely. Some people love the peace that they get from yoga and see it as a spiritual practice (Kundalini), some love it as a workout that leaves them energized rather than depleted (Bikrham, Ashtanga, Vinyasa), some people love that yoga teaches them about their bodies and anatomy (Iyengar, Hatha).

Therapeutic yoga focuses on using yoga to address pain, degeneration, and chronic injuries and to help people recover from injuries and support their health. Often a therapeutic instructor works with massage therapists, chiropractors, and physical therapist to support your health. Therapeutic Yoga also helps you to improve movement and posture in your daily lives and looks beyond the injury to correct other muscles and bone alignment that may be contributing to your injury or pain.

Q: My schedule is all over the place, can't I just come?  

A: Yes! Drop-ins are very welcome.  Booking online guarantees your spot in class and makes sign in a bit easier for us! You can always cancel your registration for a class two hours before class starts at no charge.