One of the things that sets Shine apart is the variety of classes we offer. Shine founder, Sara, has practiced yoga since the mid 1990’s, but found that at different stages of her life she was drawn to different styles. Now, in her mid 40’s, she finds that a variety of styles each week is what best serves her.

As you look at the schedule, you’ll notice that it’s a menu. Within each time slot across your week, there is the opportunity to practice hatha, restorative, and vinyasa classes, and to practice fast paced or slower classes, classes that make you pay attention and learn about your body, and classes that let you just be. So pick and choose, try something new or stick to what you crave. We strive to give you all that yoga offers.

Click on the name of the class below ( in yellow) for a more detailed description of the class and teacher. Note that the times listed on the link are for the Fall schedule, beginning September 3rd. For the remaining few days reference the summer schedule for days and times.

Shine Yoga Styles

Vinyasa style—constant movement, fast or slow, with your breath. Vinyasa means to arrange in a special way. In a vinyasa class, a repeated sequence is the refrain of the class, the sequence and the rest of the class will vary widely depending on the class purpose and teacher. But all vinyasa classes build strength and through repeated movement can dynamically increase flexibility.

Some classes, such as Power, Strongyasa, and Pure Vinyasa are physically strenuous and faster paced. They build energy and inspire students. These classes are suitable for active beginners through to advanced students. Note that our teachers are experts in providing modified versions of more advanced poses. Students are encouraged in all classes to work at their own pace and are offered options to rest or intensify movement. 

Sunday Reset and Body Love are vinyasa style classes designed to inspire. Taught by behavioral health counsellors who are also certified yoga teachers, these classes use the joy of movement and breath to help you go deeper. You will take home gems from these classes that will resurface throughout your week.

Evolve and Strength & Length ask the practitioner to consciously build strength and flexibility through anatomical awareness and technique while flowing through an active vinyasa.Both classes offer continuous movement and a unique vinyasa refrain.

Vinyasa Basics is just what it says. You’ll learn the basic postures of a vinyasa class at a slower and more detailed pace. Great for people who are new to vinyasa or who want to master the alignment of a posture.

Slow Flow and Flow to Rest might be described as meditation in motion. Both classes offer slow, constant movement for 45 minutes. Flow to Rest, which is an hour long, ends with 15 minutes of restorative yoga. The classes are designed to help students feel connected to their bodies in space and to calm the mind and body.

Hatha Style—postures are held for longer periods. Hatha yoga is the classic form of yoga that involves exploring postures to revitalize both the mind and the body. Because postures are held for longer periods of time, hatha style classes increase muscle tone and bone strength, while improving flexibility and concentration. Deep relaxation is a key part of hatha yoga as is breathing technique. 

As with vinyasa classes, the intensity of hatha classes depends on the teacher and the class, but hatha teachers will offer you the space and instruction to explore postures to your edge, whether that means backing off of a posture or going further. 

Yoga and Meditation Basics and Ground are gentle hatha classes that are perfect for brand new beginners or people who are looking to treat their bodies and minds to comfort and care.

More intensive hatha classes, that still feed the soul and move at a slower pace include Resilience (focused on balancing strength and flexibility), Details (focuses on technique and alignment) and Shiny, Happy Hour (an energizing hatha class).

Restorative Style—calm the nervous system, increase flexibility, and help release physical tension and pain. Many students who need physical and emotional healing or just a break from the fast paced demanding world come to these classes. 

Sanctuary provides the most quiet and stillness. Yin & Myofascial Release (MFR) uses specific techniques to release fascia and leaves people feeling relaxed. Flow to Rest combines slow movement with restorative postures. 

Kundalini Style—A dynamic, powerful, fast-paced style, designed to build energy, relieve stress and insomnia, detox the body and support will power. Kundalini is a deeply spiritual and intensely physical practice. It includes mantra, chanting, deep breathing technique and repetitive motions designed for a specific result such as detox or building creativity.

Read more about the Kundalini classes we offer.

Fall Schedule 2019, begins September 3rd   Download PDF

Fall Schedule 2019, begins September 3rd

Download PDF

Menu version of fall schedule, begins September 3, 2019.   Download PDF

Menu version of fall schedule, begins September 3, 2019.

Download PDF