Twenty-five drop in classes per week, seven days a week. Classes are small and provide individualized attention.  Your teacher is trained in therapeutic yoga and uses anatomy-focused sequences that are different for every class. All-levels and beginners classes are available. Melissa has specialized training in Vinyasa yoga and teaches a variety of Vinyasa classes each week. Sara and Beth teach a combination of Hatha and flow classes with a focus on safe and proper form and Sara offers two Yin classes per week. Read class descriptions here, teacher resumes and bios here, and find the schedule here.

 Special series and workshops to learn the fundamentals of yoga (Yoga 101), learn how to safely master more advanced poses (Going Deeper), have fun, meet other yogis, and learn skills you can take home ( Date Night and Self Care Sunday). Shine offers a 30 day Transformation program and a special program for cancer survivors, My careful, Joyful Life...after cancer. Yoga 101, and the 30 day transformation are offered 4 times per year. My careful, joyful life after cancer is offered twice each year. 

Private and semi private yoga sessions and individual therapeutic yoga. If you are new to yoga, want special attention, want to create a home practice, or want to focus on learning a specific pose, a private or semi private class would be great for you. If you have an injury or illness therapeutic yoga can be a tremendous help in getting you where you want to be. Package rates are available for both therapeutic and Private yoga. A home practice developed to address your specific concerns is developed for each individual session.

Yoga as part of your health plan. Specially designed sequences in coordination with chiropractors and massage, physical, and lymphodema therapists or to address specific health concerns and injuries are available through individualized therapeutic sessions. Home practices are created for all individual sessions. Drop in classes are modified to address your injury or concern.

Yoga@work, Yoga@school, Yoga Weddings, Yoga Parties. Nurture better employee relationships, reduce stress and improve productivity through Shine's yoga @work program. Make your bridal or baby shower, wedding, reunion or any old party more joyful with yoga. 

Special classes. doTerra Essential Yoga is offered monthly. Seasonal classes are also offered. Look for outdoor classes this summer parks, farmer's markets and the beach.  Pre-race or practice classes available for athletes. Call Sara to schedule your event. 

Yoga Teacher Trainings. For yoga teachers interested in incorporating essential oils into their classes using the doTerra Essential Yoga model.